Agrotourism Matkova pecara (Matko’s distillery)

Strossmayerova 118, 32275 Bošnjaci
Mob: 098 295 548

Where you can taste asting schnapps and fruit liqueurs of own production.

Beautiful restored old house with authentic courtyard with outbuildings which offer accommodation services (4 bedrooms, 9 beds).

In the tasting room, which is decorated in rustic style can be except schnapps and liqueurs to taste homemade meat Slavonian products and tarts. They can offer plum schnapps, quince, apple cider, fruit liqueurs elderberry, quince, cherry and walnut. With their schnapps and liqueurs performed at many faires and national exhibition in Vinkovci. Their performance is usually followed by a medal, most for a schnapps of plum.

A visitation of the Matkova pecara may come to the knowledge of how people lived and worked in the typical slavonian houses and show the whole sequence of technology or method of manufacture of traditional Slavonian plum brandy.

Bike & bed friendly.

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